2022 CMS Call Center Monitoring Study

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2022 CMS Call Center Monitoring Study

Learn How to Secure a 5-Star Rating in the CMS Call Center Study

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) monitors Medicare Plan call centers each year from February to June, placing test calls to enrollee call centers to evaluate plan performance in assisting limited English proficient (LEP) callers. The study measures the availability of an interpreter, as well as the accuracy of information provided. Most plans strive to earn a score of over 90% to obtain a 5-Star rating.

The 2022 guide to CMS Call Center Monitoring Study will help you:

  • Understand CMS requirements
  • Learn tips for success used by 5-Star plans
  • Optimize support from LanguageLine Solutions - partner to nearly 90% of 5-Star plans


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2021 CMS Call Center Monitoring Study